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Pick up this book, then dig through your stash or visit your local yarn store and get started today. Playing with yarn and color adds a whole new dimension to your handknits. Each of these patterns features multiple colors used in unexpected ways to create beautiful effects. Whether you like monochromatic shades or lots and lots of stripes or two bold tones side by side, you're bound to find pieces you'll love to knit for your home, yourself, or for a special friend, baby or family member.

You'll also get a handy guide to yarn, tools and notions as well as tips for playing with color, a glossary of knitting terms, a knitting abbreviations key, a knitting needle conversion chart and a list of inspirational resources. The cover. Brand New! Minimal wear.

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Former Library book. I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of knitterly writing; most knitting writers' skill lies in knitting not writing. Lela Nargi is an exception; she is a skilled writer and editor. In this book she gathers essays from a variety of people in the knitting world, knitters, designers, artists and a knitting spectator and works them together in a manner that allows the essays both an individual voice and a community feel.

The Olivia Bag from Catrun Creations is incredibly evocative. Everywhere I go people compliment the bag and comment on how it reminds them of their grandmother or mother 's old sewing bag. People ask me whose bag it used to be. I always feel a little sheepish when I tell them it's new. This bag is now my default carry-all.

It easily fits two sock projects and all of my associated paraphernalia. There are five deep pockets on the inside four small ones, plus one that runs the length of the bag and has a snap closure. Catherine McLean does an excellent job with her bags.

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The construction is rock solid: stitching is neat, tidy and sturdy, the hand-made wooden handles are nice to hold and the fabric is a lovely tapestry weight both inside and out. For me the size of this Olivia Bag is a bit awkward. This bag is just big enough that I can take more things with me than I ought to; but not quite big enough for a large project on straight needles.

When you order yours be sure to get a bag that is at least 3" 8cm longer than your longest set of needles. Available at Amazon. This new stitch dictionary series is on my stranded on a desert island list for knitting books. I think they give the Barbara Walker books stiff competition.

Maybe not in sheer number of stitch patterns, though they come in at a more than fabulous over patterns per book, but in clarity, readability and dreamabilty. The books are beautifully put together and easy to read and follow.

Stranded or Fair Isle Knitting with Edie Eckman - Creativebug

All the stitch pattern samples are knit in smooth wool and are photographed in color and at a larger size than I've seen in any stitch book and printed on slick white paper so they pop off of the page. Cable patterns are given in both line by line and chart form.

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  • It is a joy to flip through these books and dream about what's next. And for the record, for me that's neither Jack or Sawyer, but Sayid. Employing her usual sincerity and warmth, Suss Cousins invites you to dress your home in stylish knits. Inspired by the colors and textures of nature, and sparked by a move to a new house, she reinvents and moves beyond the ubiquitous afghan and pillow outfitting every living space in her house in a fresh modern style.

    She inspires and guides you to create your own knitted oasis at home.

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    Knit Klips by Kelly Klip Inc. What a waste! They are absolutely brilliant! They're the simplest of devices, yet unequalled for seaming. A strong spring-loaded clip is attached to a smooth [non-snagging! Very cool for laying two right sides together and making sure they behave till you've finished with the needle and yarn.

    But even cooler? Try them for mattress stitching [see pic at left]. Things stay where you put them, you can see what you're doing clearly, without obstruction, and seaming becomes, dare I say it, fun!

    Yarnplay: Colorful Techniques and Projects for the Creative Knitter

    Buy the big packs. You'll want tons of these babies. Knit Klips are an essential, affordable tool that every knitter should have in their accessory case. When I knit for babies and children, my thoughts frequently wander around our next generation and what our legacy is for them. Tara Jon Manning embraces this legacy in her new book Nature Babies. She speaks to the environment by using organic materials, she speaks to creativity by offering several crafts to explore knitting, felting and sewing and she speaks to tradition and remembrance by presenting 30 projects -- hats, sweaters, toys, a bag, a shawl -- full of simple and creative charm.

    This book invites you to create things of lasting and practical beauty and express the love for the babies and children in your life. Cardinal wood - US 8 There is something inherently luxurious about knitting with handmade needles. One of a kind, not unlike the garment I work for hours on. These needles are made from Cardinal "Blood" wood which gives them a deep red hue. Bloodwood is a hardwood so the needles themselves feel very sturdy and unlike most bamboo needles I use, they don't crack or flake which means that my yarn doesn't get caught on the needles after a mere three rows.

    As a knitter who has a history of needle destruction, this sturdiness is of great importance. Not only are they beautiful but they are stronger and more portable than my other woodens. Handmade, functional, one-of-a-kind needles that would make even the most picky of knitters glow with inspiration. Curly maple - US 8 The needles are nicely pointed, smooth, and very pretty with a translucent grain in the wood and turned finial ends.

    The size is charmingly handwritten on the end of the needle in small print. They are nice to knit with, too. The tips were not as smooth as my bamboo needles, but that was easily remedied with a quick rub with a little wax paper before I used them with coarser wool. They are impressively strong for such dainty little things. Why has no one ever done a book this practical before? Cables intimidate knitters who haven't done them before, but once they learn and practice, most knitters are off like a shot cabling everything in sight.

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    From the brain of Melissa Leapman comes a brilliant book on cables. The first part of the books takes you through the cabling process, hows, whys, charts, even designing with cables. The middle portion is all patterns from a very first cable pattern hat to a practically every stitch you knit is crissed or crossed sweater I love those. There is variety in the patterns both in difficulty and time commitment. Don't want to knit a sweater? How about a bag or pillow, a tank or a skirt?

    The last portion of the book is what seals the deal for me, simple and inspired: a cable stitch dictionary. And not just a handful, but stitches.

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    You can approach this book from any level, as a cable student, as a cable pattern knitter, or as a cable pattern designer. Like I said, brilliant. Before you discount Domiknitrix because it might look like a gimmicky knitting book, give it a good once over.