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In the campaign, he leads the Norsca faction. Wulfrik is a Norscan man cursed by the Chaos Gods to wander the world and challenge and battle every great warrior he meets. For this purpose, he is able to fluently speak any language. Wulfrik the Wanderer is one of the most devout worshippers of the Ruinous Powers to have ever journeyed across the world. With a hulking frame and tremendous skill at arms, his curse is to perpetually seek out the mightiest champions to duel — be they living, dead, mortal, or daemonic.

His loyal warriors willingly sail to the corners of the world with him, raiding by his side as he takes the heads of all who dare cross his path. It is said that once Wulfrik has decided upon his next quarry, it is impossible to escape — such is his dutiful willingness to provide the murderous offerings due to the nefarious Dark Gods.

Click here to add a strategy! Wulfrik is one of the best duelists in the game.

He is extremely strong against other heroes and lords in one-on-one combat. Use him accordingly. Take note of how Wulfrik's stats change when switching from no mount to the War Mammoth mount. The extra mobility that a mount provides may pay off against equally mobile enemy factions, such as Wood Elves, but against low-tier human units without cavalry, the extra melee attack and damage Wulfrik gains from being mountless may be the better choice.

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Wulfrik the Wanderer

Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. There, they set out to the great fortress of Dronangkul , or 'Fortress of Iron' in the debased Khazalid of the Chaos Dwarfs, where the Kurgan claimed the Dwarfen Lord: Khorakk , and the Smile of Sardiss could be found. As was their way, the Norscans slaughtered their way through the defences of the Fire Dwarfs; the blessings of Hashut proving no match for the unending fury of the Dark Gods.


Wulfrik himself had slain a Bull Centaur Lord , as well Khorakk himself in that raid; overpowering the former in a contest of strength and burning the latter alive in one of his own contraptions before claiming the Smile of Sardiss from him. Wulfrik knelt beside his comrade to hear his final words and afford him the honour he was due as a great warrior, such was the respect and comeraderie between the two.

However, no man amongst Wulfrik's band could guess how foul the circumstances were that led to the great warrior's death, nor of the fell consequences it would herald. With that, the Norsemen returned home to Ormskaro to rest and replenish their ranks.

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In his lengthy absence, the Sarls, as well as their king, believed that the Kurgan had led Wulfrik the Wanderer to his end and had continued on his plan to forge his new alliance with the Aeslings. The arrival of Wulfrik, alive after all, notably put a dent in this plan. For as the slayer of their king, the Aeslings both despised as well as admired the Inescapable One. But Sveinbjorn, a mere mortal man, could not hope to match a warrior blessed with the Mark of the Norscan gods, and so refrained from challenging Wulfrik to battle, even with all his Hersirs backing him.

Realizing that he could not overcome Wulfrik in an honest contest of arms, he instead resolved to find someone else who could. The next day, Sveinbjorn challenged Wulfrik to Personal Combat within the Wolf Forest , a great arena the Sarls had built in his honour, and where he screened potential recruits for his warband in lethal combat. However, when Wulfrik arrived, he found that he was not to do battle with Sveinbjorn himself, but a fellow champion of Chaos.

A warrior who towered over even Wulfrik, Troll -like in stature, clad in blackened steel and bearing a massive daemon-axe encrusted with hissing runes of the Dark Tongue , the language of daemons and sorcerers.

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Yet despite the apparent favour of the gods, the warrior was more akin to a maddened hound than a man, and Wulfrik was appalled to learn that this creature was once Fraener , a mighty Champion of the gods and war-chief of the Aeslings, who, as was the custom of the Aeslings, led his fellow tribesmen to slaughter the Kurgan tribes of the east, and even pillaged and plundered the dolmens of the Beastkin. A hero throughout all of Norsca, Wulfrik could not believe that the animal before him was the same man when he roared the name in a bestial battlecry.

The Forsaken Chaos champion was a daunting foe, but Wulfrik had slain giants and daemons like cattle, and no man set against him could ever be his equal in battle.

Wulfrik hacked off one of Fraener's arms, but from the bloody stump a great spike of bone and meat erupted, when he struck him again, tentacles slithered out rather than blood. The hero's sword clashed with the mutant's great claws, locked in a terrible battle until Wulfrik drove the Forsaken off the platform of the Wolf Forest down upon the spikes below and then clove through his black warhelm and split his skull in two.

No man amongst Sveinbjorn's hersirs troubled Wulfrik after that, for not a one of them had not borne witness to Fraener's monstrous ability in battle many times before, and the prospect of facing a warrior powerful enough to defeat the fallen Chaos Lord was nothing short of suicide. Their newest plan to slay the Champion having failed, Viglundr and Sveinbjorn conspired to instead kill Wulfrik with craft and cunning. Viglundr had manipulated Wulfrik into killing Torgald to pave the way for this new alliance, but the warrior persisted as a thorn in his side.

To accomplish this, Viglundr enticed one of Wulfrik's warriors, a Marauder known as Broendulf , to slay the Champion when he least expected. Meanwhile, Wulfrik and the rest of his followers readied themselves to journey to the far-off land of the High Elves , known as Ulthuan in the lands of civilized men, but as Alfheim in the tongue of Norsca. A voyage only attempted by the boldest Northmen, such as Erik Redaxe or Magnus the Mad , and always ending in ruin for all of them.

Still, the Worldwalker would not be denied, and led his Chaos Warriors to the shores of that enchanted place.

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Only there, Zarnath claimed, could he summon the magical powers necessary to free Wulfrik from his curse. However, the Kurgan's true nature would be revealed in that place.

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When they made landfall on the shores of Cothique , Wulfrik and his followers happened upon a group of Elf maidens praying at a monolith. Zarnath warned the Norsemen that the maids were actually witches , and were calling upon strange, arcane forces to smite the invaders and convinced them to kill them. With the dark abandon of their race, the Norscans fell upon the defenseless Elves and slaughtered them gleefully. As the carnage abated, Zarnath mocked the barbarians for their bloodthirsty ways, revealing that the Elf women were not mages , but merely wives who had come to pray to Isha for fertility.

He gloated of the horrible vengeance the menfolk of Ulthuan would visit upon them for this act. Zarnath had never intended to free Wulfrik of his curse, only to see him dead in the either the lands of the Chaos Dwarfs, or the High Elves. The deceitful sorcerer disappeared from the scene before the Wanderer could make him suffer for his betrayal, but not before alerting almost every warrior in Cothique to their presence. The Norscans were then set upon by the Silver Helms and Elven bowmen. Outnumbered, they nonetheless stood their ground and drove the Elves back, denying them vengeance for a time.

The Elves had thought that Wulfrik and his warriors would be as easily vanquished as the horde of Erik Redaxe; but the Worldwalker was made of sterner stuff than the vanquished king. Wulfrik even defeated one of the great pale Merwyrms of Ulthuan, bloodying it and causing it retreat back into the deeps. However, the Seafang was smashed to kindling, but the true power of the ship was never in its oars or hull, but it in the figurehead where the daemon-magic bound to it was kept.

Using the power of the figure-head, Wulfrik and the only survivor of his band, Broendulf, managed to escape Ulthuan. Whilst travelling the Border-Realm, Broendulf revealed to Wulfrik the scale of Viglundr's treachery and confessed his part in his plans. Incensed, the Champion nonetheless offered a truce with Broendulf until their mutual enemies, Zarnath chief among them, were slain. When the mists parted, the Northmen found themselves in the Empire , for here is where Zarnath had fled to.

He was no tribesman of the East, but rather a mage of one of the Colleges of Magic.

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With the true nature of his enemy revealed to him, Wulfrik traveled back to Ormskaro, to muster such a fleet that would destroy the city Zarnath had fled to. When he reached the great tower of Ormfell, Wulfrik cornered Sveinbjorn and brutally beat the Aesling prince towards an inch of death for his part in the deceit and trickery that had cost him his warriors, and also for forcing himself upon the Sarl Princess Hjordis, whom Wulfrik then repudiated for her weakness in allowing herself to be forced upon.

As Wulfrik prepared to slit Sveinbjorn's throat, Viglundr came upon the scene with a retinue of iron-clad warriors and begged Wulfrik to spare Sveinbjorn's life, fearing the retribution of the Aeslings should one of their chieftains die. Wulfrik, now having leverage over the the king, told Viglundr of his plan to plunder far into the Empire, using the Seafang's power to spirit the Northmen beyond the defences of Marienburg and Nordland.