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But I left it as I rose to my toes and pressed my mouth against his, only that thin silk between our lips. Shame welled up inside me. Another forbidden kiss among two enemies that fall in love.

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His lips are warm and so soft-his hair brushes against my face. I try to focus. Same name. Totally different feel. Colleen Hoover is magic at writing first kiss scenes. She brings the definition of meaningful and mindblowing to a whole new level of emotions and instability. I gasp in surprise and grab his shoulders, but I immediately fall into step with him and slide his hands to his neck.

So much. Good much. So good. I just whimpered. His left hand is caressing my cheek and his right hand is gripping me by the waist, pulling me against him. Does he?

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Reading this novel, I was waiting and waiting for this kiss to happen and when it finally happened I was so freaking elated!! This kiss is between the prisoner and the captor.

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Cora and Cassian. And both never saw it coming. His lips parted. My god. He was going to kiss her, and it was so wrong, and so was how badly she wanted him to…She kissed him back, showing how a kiss was meant to be, though she hardly knew either.

He learned fast. His people might not kiss, but she could tell by his heart thumping under her that he enjoyed it, that he responded to it the same way humans did.

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He steps closer, until our bodies touch, then his other hand comes up, the warm fingers grasping my waist, pulling me even closer still. I am lost in his kiss, and all my defenses give way before this hot, hungry mystery that lies between us. And then he pulls away, slowly, as if loath to do so. That is when I hear the rap at the door. The writing was beautiful and that dreaded interruption was not appreciated and it was so angsty I loved it!!

The transformation from animosity to romance was breath-taking. Of a bet. I really enjoyed this best friends-to-lovers contemporary novel.

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  5. I have the briefest moment of satisfaction at the pure shock and lust on her face, before my body presses against her soft curves, before my mouth claims her. And this time I kiss her for real. Parabatai kiss!! Her eyes searched his face. He was still holding on her wrist. Maybe both. They crashed together like stars colliding, and then he was kissing her. Kissing her. Lots of lines are crossed in this kiss. Laia and Elias. Oh, how you have brought me pain. This kiss made me cheer but the whole scene made me want to cry at the same time. His lips are soft, softer that I could have imagined, but there is a hard desperation behind them, a need.

    The kiss speaks. It begs. Let me forget, forget, forget. His cloak falls away from me, and my body against his.

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    He pulls me to his chest, his hands running down my back, clasping my thigh, drawing me closer. I arc into him, reveling in his strength, his fire, the alchemy between us twisting and burning and melding until it feels like gold. Then he breaks away, his hands held out before him. Set in a world where magic is danger, and trust is shortcoming, this kiss made me grin so hard because it was so sexy and sweet at the same time. It contrasts to the darkness of the story and to the horrible events that follow after.

    Both of them came a long way from the beginning of the novel to this very scene. His tongue swiped his lip then he closed the distance, parting my own lips. This kiss was short—his eyes flickered around the room—then his voice lowered. He pulled out his phone and handed it to me. You can be discreet, right?

    Interested in seeing where this chemistry goes? With more confidence, I grabbed his phone and punched in my information. When I finished, I handed it back and turned to leave. Your email address will not be published.

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