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I need to install two Unifi LR APs one is in the front office of a warehouse and the other is at the dock at the back of the warehouse. How do I set them up to where if someone walks to the back with there laptop or tablet they still maintain wifi access or switch automatically between the front and back AP? This distance between them is about feet. Hi, Very informative article. I have bought the Pro model. Can I keep the wifi network that exists the router is on 1st floor of the house and use the AP to create another same name or different? You could create a new wifi network on the second floor, but your devices will have to switch between the access points which will result in a short connection lost.

I have seldom come across such a well written article. Most I. Well done Ruud. Thanks for clear and precise instructions. Do you have any views on the Unify NanoHD access point? You will only benefit from the Unifi NanoHD speed if you have a lot of users or transfer a lot of data. The multiple MIMO antenna will process data faster from a client. Hi Ruud, Thank you for your clear instructions. Sometimes devices cannot connect even if they are only a few meters from an AP. I wonder what I did wrong. It drives me nuts that I have spent quite some money on this, and still my network shows horrible performance.

Try lowering the transmit power to low. If you have multiple access points to close to each other the change is that your device will try to connect or keep being connected to an access point further away. Hi Ruud, unfortunately it did not make any difference. I have two vlans configured in the Edgerouter and In UniFi I used these for a guest and a tenant wifi.

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I may completely reset all devices to their factory settings and start all over again, but I am not sure if that wil resolve anything? Leave the ERX as it is, the problem is most likely in the access point configuration. Reset the Unifi Controller and the access points. Start with one access point, set up the network to your liking and test it. Test it again to be sure. Wireless access to the outside world works great. All wireless devices can see one another.


However, wireless devices cannot see wired devices on our network. We have an existing SonicWall router that we need to continue using. Is this a setting issue with the way I setup the access points using the controller, or is it an issue with our router settings? I saw your web tutorial afterwards and so perhaps should have bought the lite version. Anyway, I have got it all working many thanks to your tutorial and have added one device to see how it goes — being my Samsung S10plus mobile phone. So a good ie latest version mobile phone. I have tested the wifi strength of both the AC Pro and the Asus router and the router has better strength.

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I was surprised at that. I did apply bandwidth steering to 5G for the mobile phone. Really hard to say from here. Are both devices place at the same location? Unifi Acces Points are based placed on the ceiling, instead of mounted to a wall. That could make a difference. Apart from the device, if there is a 20cm concrete wall between the access point and the measured location, then no access point will be able to give you a good wifi strength.

What you can do is draw your floorplan in the map tool from the Unifi Controller and then find the best place for the best coverage in your house. I guess you already tried resetting the access point? This can happen due to a multiple of reasons, like incorrect DNS or Gateway settings or even a faulty cable. DNS and Gateway should come from your router, you can compare the setting in the controller with the other access points. Or another switch? In other words, can I use it to function essentially as an extender without any configuration?

No, you will need to configure it. Well to controller the access point you will need the Unifi Controller. Did you try resetting the access point to factory defaults? A few tips: — Reset your accesspoint and try to set the inform url manually — Use the ubnt discovery tool. I have a problem discovering the APs, I mean I connect them properly to the PoE switch, and the configuration on the switch is also the rigth one to reach the Controller.

You might need to set the inform url manually for the AP to find your controller. Or even if they connect, then there is no internet connection for them. They should be in the same range as your router.

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I continually get a certificate error message in both IE and Chrome when I try to load the controller. I have changed firewall and antivirus settings as noted, but still no go. You should be able to click Advanced and then at the bottom of the page on Continue to …..

There is a way to create one, I will write a tutorial for it later. Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified about. This article is very important especially to the first time users. I find the parting shot very interesting.. Where the author says you have to disable the wifi on the primary router..

This is a very useful article, but I have one stupid question.

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Pin 4. Share 2. They are wireless devices, right? Hi Rudy, thank you for a great guide! But if they have enough clear line of sight it maybe possible. To controller will take care of it. Just get an cloudkey and to control your accesspoints. Thanks for your great posts. I am getting enthusiastic to start my own Unify project. Hi Eira, Try lowering the transmit power to low. By setting the transmit power to low you will improve the roaming of the clients. Let me know if it helped or not. Do the wireless clients get the same Ip range as the wired clients? No vLans used? Hi Andrew, Really hard to say from here.

WML 2. In the time of its introduction, WAP was marketed very aggressively, which led users to expect WAP performance to be on par with non-mobile, fixed internet access.