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Oh man.

There were the obvious things like watching everyone you know grow old and die and seeing all the places that are familiar change. There would be so much time to travel! Except how would you have a passport? Or a credit card? And holding a job?

I think the hardest part after losing everyone you know and love! I agree! You always think you want to live that long, but then…nope!

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That movie is beautiful and the book is such a classic. I agree all the way! There are some benefits. What are your Tuck Everlasting memories? When did you come across it? Liked it? Take a second to support the GeekFamily Network on Patreon! If you enjoy this content, please support the GeekFamily Network on Patreon!

Nor the rate of progress. The Fourth of July happens precisely every days.

Tuck Everlasting in a Nutshell *Remastered Edition* ☆

Except in a leap year -- every rule has its exception. What an unforgettable image that is, by the way. Weird and wonderful as this is, you press on. Chapter three. Winnie Foster talks to a toad in the road about wanting to be alone for a while, wanting to be unsupervised. Here's the funny thing.

You are encountering Winnie again. You know what she is going to find, and face, and fume about, and figure out. But for your grandfather, listening intently, and for Winnie, she is beginning her adventure as if it has never happened. This is true of all stories. The endings of stories are intact, waiting for you to get there. This story may be an exception to that rule.

I tried to help them. A plot, I said, is what happens. It involves the names of characters and the actions they take. Charlotte spins a web with words in it to save Wilbur the pig from becoming bacon. In that order. A theme, I said, tells why the author wrote the book.

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A theme is the ambitious idea upon which an author stands when aiming the arrow of plot. A theme must be explained without using the names of characters or the description of events.

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In Hamlet , one theme might be: Self-knowledge is essential to strive for but may be impossible to gain. In Tuck Everlasting -- this book belongs among those other great works of literature -- one theme might be: Every choice we make has a reward and a cost. Books can have more than one theme.

That is why I can reread Tuck Everlasting over and over, even though when I meet Winnie Foster again standing in her front yard, I know exactly what she will do later in the book. For I grow older, year by year. Life and joy, sorrow and understanding, they all wash against me, changing me day by day, year by year. Maybe you're one of those people, like Winnie, who doesn't always follow the rules.

Even if you've never read Tuck Everlasting before, you may not have taken my advice. You may have ripped ahead this far into my foreword before slipping into the novel itself. After you do finish reading the novel, come back and reread this foreword again.

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Natalie Babbitt is a distant but dear friend of mine. Not that it needs perspective. This novel will live for a long time. Maybe not forever.

Tuck Everlasting

Very few things last forever. US Edition U.

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