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My mentor told me something very helpful that I think will stick with me for life.

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This idea of telling a story has been drilled into my mind ever since school and the start of my design career- it is critical to be able to tell the story. Before you present, know that you are presenting the idea- not the UI.

This is important so that you are heard and your ideas are loud and clear to whosever listening. This one is more obvious, but for me it was writing daily stand-ups and actually setting myself up for success. A 12 week internship seems long, but will go by faster than you think. First, I setup overarching goals that I wanted to accomplish as an intern at Adobe, but I also planted goals for each week, and each day.

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This kept me productive, but also helped me keep in mind what I wanted to take with me from my internship. For example, few of my main goals were the following:. Sharing it in our slack channel also allowed us to see what each of us had going on in the team. Our goal was to test for engagement in content for the purpose to shift this surface to a future state.

Judging books by their covers: “Thoughts on Design”, by Paul Rand | Jon Persson

By keeping this end goal in mind, I was able to explore concepts and ideas that were small steps into getting signals for our hypothesis. In the moment, I found myself caught up in trying to solve these problems, but ultimately what helped me was to step back and think why it is a problem and how it connects to our overarching goal.

This way, I can prioritize which problems are most important to solve in my designs. Before designing anything, know the entry points and the end states. Know where users are coming from and where the experience is leading them.

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  4. For Creative Cloud Web, users arrive from various places with the intent to manage their account, download another app, change their password, etc. By knowing their intentions, I can properly design in areas to gather data to see if they are interested in engaging in content even though they came to the web for another purpose. Your Message.

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    I truly believe that good design can be inspiring, and somewhat transformational. My personal favorite design look is a mix of old and new with fresh, updated fabrics and colors; clean and tailored rooms, often with some graphic elements layered into an overall calm and soothing environment.

    However, I love working in various decorative styles from pure English or French traditional to American craftsman, from mid-century modern to straight-edged global contemporary. The Designers Problem. The Symbol in Advertising.

    Versatility of the Symbol. The Role of Humor.

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    Imagination and the Image. Reader Participation.

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