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Consumer habits are key to understanding how to launch a product.

Take, for instance, a product named Febreze that today is among Procter and Gamble's best sellers - but which was a flop when it first appeared. But no one bought it. Because people who have bad odors in their lives - people who own nine cats, or smoke cigarettes, for instance - stop detecting those scents after a while. They become immune to the smells. As a result, the cue that was supposed to trigger Febreze use - a bad smell - never occurred in the lives of people who needed the product the most.


The solution? Target Febreze at people who already have a cleaning routine. Febreze was relaunched as an air freshener to use at the end of a cleaning ritual. By piggybacking on an existing consumer habit, the product became a hit. What can the work habits of employees tell you about a company? Work habits can tell you something very important: whether companies have managed to create habitual truces. The most important role of organizational habits, the economists wrote, is that they create truces between potentially warring groups or individuals within an organization.

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Until then, economists were accustomed to treating companies as idyllic places where everyone is devoted to a common goal: making as much money as possible. Divisions compete for resources and sabotage each other to steal glory. I'm a partner and research director at Future Workplace, an executive development firm dedicated to rethinking and reimagining the workplace. I also wrote the New York T Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.

Charles Duhigg. Naturally, the more often you reinforce a habit, the more embedded in your brain it gets. The trick to changing a habit then, is to switch the routine, and leave everything else in tact.

Not all habits are created equal and Duhigg says willpower is by far one of the most important ones, as it helps us do better in all aspects of life. My friend Colin is much better at that. Duhigg has managed to combine the scientific research with his own ideas and personal experiences in such a way that the book tells many extremely compelling stories, while teaching you everything you need to know about habits. If I could have you read only one book this year, this would be it — although Duhigg has published a new book in , Smarter Faster Better , hmmm.

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You can learn more about the author here. He marketed campaigns for Pepsodent toothpaste as a hygiene item that could make your smile more attractive. Whichever advertisement he created, there was only one condition for the products to work wonders. If you want to see the effects of Quaker Oats, you have to eat it daily. If you want to see the effects of Pepsodent Toothpaste, you have to brush with it daily. Cue: Hunger for breakfast in the morning.

Charles Duhigg: The Power of Habit Book Summary

Routine: Eat a bowl of Quaker Oats. Reward: Energy for the whole day.

The Power Of Habit Summary

Cue: Tooth film. Routine: Brush with Pepsodent Toothpaste. Reward: A prettier smile. Before Pepsodent commercial was first released, only 7 percent of Americans had a tube of toothpaste in their homes. After a decade since Pepsodent ad campaign was launched, 65 percent of Americans home now had one or more tubes of toothpaste.


There were already other brands of toothpaste before Pepsodent toothpaste emerged. But none of them was quite like Pepsodent, a breakthrough hit in healthcare industry in the s through s. To form a new habit, choose a reward that promises exactly the opposite effect of the cue. Whenever you see this cue, you will perform the good behavior.

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You will then get your desired and intended reward. Craving for socializing is the opposite of deriving emotional and health benefits from socializing. Feeling empty as soon as they get home from work is the opposite of feeling satisfied watching an evening of guilt-free television. Energy for the whole day is the opposite of hunger for breakfast in the morning. A prettier smile is the opposite of decayed tooth caused by tooth film. The reward is often the opposite of what the cue does.

Notice this pattern often always makes a good habit sustainable and last longer. Only when you start to anticipate, expect or crave for the reward, will the behavior becomes an automated routine. So next time when you want to break an old habit, or make a new daily habit stick, do what Hopkins did:.