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The Raj and the Japanese fought a "second Siamese war" a generation ago which was "close to a draw. There is mention of "Don Pedro's Gaucho cavalry" and their bolas, which does suggest Argentina is part of the S. American empire - something I'm a bit puzzled over, given that the Argentines should have done much better than Brazil post-fall: northern Brazil is hit by tidal waves and famine, while the book says the "Southern cone" misses the "worst effects": should be a magnet for European and american refugees, too.

Flooded by hordes of Brazilian refugees? Jan 8, Ivan, not absorbed yet but one of the appendix does speculate that it may eventually happen, perhaps even at Batavia's own request. The same would apply to Nepal and Bhutan, with Tibet possibly more independent as a buffer between Nippon and the Raj. Whether Egypt is independent, theoretically subordinate to the Caliphate but practically independent, or ruled by the Caliph entirely is not stated.

If a single major wave hit Buenos Aires we can kiss Argentina goodbye as an independent nation. My impression was that Brazil managed to gorge itself on South America, and the price has been stagnation where the Spanish speakers see themselves as somewhat downtrodden and devote their political activity to independence while Brazil's efforts are aimed at keeping them down.

This vulnerability might also explain the Raj claiming North America in total. Do I sense South American bargaining chips with Tokyo? The inevitable Mormon enclave is a BAD mistake. If the Mormons survived then they were NOT hit by refugees pouring west. This would mean California and the American West Coast survived in better shape as well and that there should be a rump state of 'Pacific America'. Still not a major power, but possessing the territory, resources, and the united population of six million. Vulnerable but theoretically capable of playing the powers off one another.

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Jan 9, Tsunami can 'diffract' around a coast. The impact depends on coastal depth in two ways. One, if the coast isn't shallow, the wave doesn't build up as the slow end of the wave doesn't catch up to the fast end. Two, if the coast is too shallow, the wave breaks too far out from shore to have as much impact. Off shore sand bars are surfed these days by people with jetskis. Buenos Aires is on a very shallow delta bank. However, Argentina might not have a lot of ability to grow after a tsunami hits the rest of the world. Argentina had very little manufacturing capability.

They had wheat exports to pay for things.


No one is hungry after the famine because they are all dead. Agricultural land recovers far faster than agricultural population from a famine. Argentina may export people instead of wheat to the rest of the world after the comet strikes. All the nonspanish will have places to go to and things to do back in Italy or France or Ireland or England or where ever. Madagascar's status in Peshwar Lancers seems somewhat like that of Egypt in the early 20th century-officially independant though in every other way its part of the empire.

Nepal's status in the PW lancers is similar to iotl if not even more British, I'm certain the book mentions Nepalese coming into India along with the British due to Nepal becoming uninhabitable. Nepal governed its own internal affairs though its foreign policy is fully British. France has control of the western mediterranian islands, southern France and eastern Spain if not the whole of Iberia- only the east is mentioned however For South America during the time period in which the comets hit most of SA industry was controlled by Europeans and if Europe is destroyed I imagine they would quickly withdraw their fledgling investments in the area to concentrate on their own major concerns.

The PWL is a chore to read Jan 10, Argentina isn't that far south, it is a pretty good climate in its 'main' part.

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Hmm, we really need a better 'blank' map for use on this site. That one is pretty crap for precise things. Admiral Matt Member Joined: Jan 18, It was definately my impression that Argentina survived as a separate entity from Brazil. The other major world leader is the Czar of All the Russias.

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Everyone predicts an eventual, deadly showdown. But no one can predict the role that one man, Captain Athelstane King, reluctant spy and hero, will play Fiction Science Fiction. Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget. You can still place a hold on the title, and your hold will be automatically filled as soon as the title is available again.

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Please sign in again so you can continue to borrow titles and access your Loans, Wish list, and Holds pages. If you're still having trouble, follow these steps to sign in. Add a library card to your account to borrow titles, place holds, and add titles to your wish list. This in turn causes the collapse of Industrialized civilization , which was unable to survive without the ability to raise crops in winter-like conditions that lasted for three years.

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In order to survive, the British Government , under the leadership of Queen Victoria and Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli , employed the Royal Navy and all merchant shipping to evacuate the population of the British Isles to its colonies in India , Australasia , and South Africa over the next several years.

After martial law breaks down in , the rioting British lower classes storm the remaining military outposts in London ; unable to escape, Disraeli is killed by rioters and becomes a martyr. The British Isles are abandoned, initially becoming the home of groups of degenerate cannibalistic savages, most of which quickly consume each other to extinction, and are only cautiously recolonized in the 20th Century. By the time relatively normal weather returns, nine-tenths of the former population in the UK, as well as millions of other people around the world, have died as a result of the disaster.

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The book is set in the year , after the world's climate has recovered from the devastation of the meteors. The political geography of the time is dramatically different from our own world, and innovations such as the airship and Stirling engine are only beginning to reach prominence while the airplane and internal combustion engine were still undeveloped.

Athelstane King is an officer of the Peshawar Lancers , a regiment that guards the northern borders of the Angrezi Raj, who becomes involved in an adventure filled with political intrigue, numerous chases, harrowing escapes, swashbuckling , and the exploration of a world that seems to be forever trapped in the Victorian era. The novel features many similarities to the styles of writing of such famous authors as Rudyard Kipling and H. Rider Haggard , which serve as both homage and satire to their works, along with elements of colonialist attitude , cultism , and general fantasy.

In , the Angrezi Raj is the most powerful nation in the world. The Raj is divided into three main regions, each of which has a significant representation in the Raj Parliament in Delhi :. During the retreat southwards in from Kazan to central Asia , Grand Duke Nicolae, the de facto Czar , was told of a nun who was having visions of the future. Although cannibalism was rampant among the refugees, she had not been touched. When her dreams of the future proved useful, Nicolae ordered her kept alive at any cost. The Russian elite turned away from God after seeing the destruction of the Fall, and turned to worshiping Chernobog instead.

Centered in Samarkand , Russia is roundly feared and despised for its Satan worshiping, and the ritualistic cannibalism used to terrorize the empire's Uzbek and Tajik subjects. Russia's Serpent Throne is kept afloat by the Sisterhood of True Dreamers, the descendants of the nun, and others like her. The males go mad from the dreams at puberty, so the females are the ones who are used.

The Okhrana , Russia's secret police, proves to be a doubly effective espionage agency with the Dreamers' help. The priests have developed a cult based around the worship of Chernobog , after an old Slavic god of death to which seem to be mutated elements of the Yazidi belief in the Peacock Angel. The extreme members of the cult desire to bring about the end of mankind. They are eager for another Fall to occur.


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These plotters are told that by killing the Raj's royal family, as well as Athelstane and Cassandra King, humanity will die, thus pleasing Chernobog. Most of Europe, parts of North America, and equatorial Africa is inhabited by cannibal tribes and bands. Smaller Empires include the Dominion of Braganza , a shadowy nation centred in Rio de Janeiro , reigned over by Dom Pedro and ruled by a succession of caudillos ; the Sultanate of Egypt , eyed by the Caliphate of Damascus, France-outre-mer, and the Angrezi Raj for its access to the ruined Suez Canal ; and the Emirate of Afghanistan , which serves as a buffer between the Raj and Russia.

In the now long-destroyed United States, several Californian theocratic city states enjoy some independence by playing the Raj off against Dai-Nippon, and regions near the Gulf of Mexico are inhabited by the Seven Tribes, relatively civilized peoples who are loosely allied with the Raj.

It is October It has been years since a series of comet impacts rendered the northern hemisphere inhospitable, forcing the great empires of Eurasia to move south. Athelstane King is an officer in the Peshawar Lancers, a cavalry and heavy infantry unit guarding the North-West Frontier province of the Viceroyalty of India, in the center of the Angrezi Raj.

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King, along with his friend, the Sikh Daffadar Narayan Singh, is ordered to go on medical leave after being wounded in battle against border raiders from the Emirate of Afghanistan. King comes from a well-to-do family, with a long tradition of service to the British Empire. King and Singh go to the officer's club near the city of Oxford formerly Srinagar.