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To ask other readers questions about Last Shot , please sign up. So, nothing to do with "Han shot first! Tait Sougstad There is a minor moment where Han tries to shoot first and gets snubbed, but otherwise, no, not at all. See 1 question about Last Shot….

The Last Shot Short Film

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 08, Khurram rated it it was ok. I was hoping this would be a last shot at glory for Han showing how valuable he is to to Star Wars universe. I was ok with him sharing the spotlight with Lando, however for me Lando stole the and relegated Han to a supporting cast member and a not very good one at that.

I was actually more interested a couple of the other characters in the book. I have to admit I am not a big fan of the three time period format of the book, so this might have also drowned my enjoyment of the book, but I have to say there was more I did not like about the book then I did.

I found the story very slow and the action scenes I found more confusing then exciting. It is a shame as I think this story is the greatest threat to the Star Wars universe in a long time.

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I think this threat level should have been given a lot more credence. I would not recommend this book to anyone but Lando fans who want to see how he fits into the new Disney era.

For me Han comes across as a second rate, washed up smuggler who ended up in the right side of victory. View all 25 comments. Using the movies as a timeline, this book takes place a 3. Despite having lived a life of danger and excitement, however, nothing could have prepared him for the rigors of fatherhood.

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But before this thought can be explored further, the relative peace is shattered by an assassination attempt on his life—by his own trusted protocol droid, no less. The mission: to find the transmitter before Fyzen can use the technology to bend the galaxy to his will. Just the mention of these two promises a fun and adventurous experience, which this book delivers. The sections that take place in the past are especially entertaining; here we see our characters as younger and more cocksure men, so full of swagger and confidence. But then there are also the heavier moments scattered throughout the novel.

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The differences between the present Han and Lando and their younger selves are quite stark, for one, when you consider how the intervening years have affected them both. This version of Han—who loves his family but is nonetheless overwhelmed by the crushing responsibility of being a husband and father—is parsecs away from the young starry-eyed Han with his idealistic notions of romance, as seen in his flirtatious pursuit of Sana.

Perhaps, the themes and events in Last Shot will finally set the record straight, as a part of the story focuses on the plight of L, a navigator droid who dreams of rights and freedom for her kind. The constant jumping around can get confusing, not to mention it played havoc with the pacing. With respect to the author though, he probably should have sat this one out.

Not only was it somewhat distracting to have multiple narrators, Marc Thompson is a god when it comes to Star Wars audiobook narration, and to be honest, Older reading the sections featuring young Han just could not compare. His voice felt wrong for the character, and he also made everyone sound the same. Other than that though, this was a decent listen. View all 8 comments. Lando and Han have such great screen chemistry in the original trilogy, and with this story being set around two years after Return of the Jedi I was hoping for the prose to capture some of that scoundrel and swagger and I wasn't let down.

The Last Shot: Eleven Stories and a Novella

The interactions between the two key cogs in this story play out just like the new Solo film. The author does a great job at transposing them from the screen to the printed page. One thing that didn't quite make the transition so smoothly is the man-of-few-words persona of Han. He's not a guy who talks about his feelings, and that was apparent early on in Last Shot, even with son Ben, yet the need to express his struggles with conveying his feelings to his family in Ben and Leia became repetitive and unnecessary, particularly in the later stages of the book.

The story itself if split between three timelines; present day 2 years post Return of the Jedi , 10 years prior, and 15 years prior. For the most part, this was an unnecessary distraction which only served to introduce the story's big bad in Fyzen Gor and highlight the fact that both Han and Lando had previously stolen a droid-controlling device - the Phylanx Redux, the same device which is at the center of the present day story.

The plot it pretty simple; Fyzen Gor, a super smart hybrid organic-droid character wants to use the Phylanx Redux to control the droids of the universe to overthrown their organic oppressors. It's up to Han and Lando to stop him. Fyzen Gor is a great character and perhaps the best thing about this book aside from the colorful characterisation of Lando Calrissian. Han just didn't read right and the bit players across the galaxy didn't do all that much to contribute to the story in any meaningful way.

Hard core Star Wars fans will want to pick this up, casual reads can take it or leave it. View 2 comments. Aug 15, Neil R. Coulter rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one. Please: don't read this book. Shelves: star-wars , fiction. One of the worst Star Wars books ever. Insulting, foul-mouthed, juvenile, ridiculous, disgusting.

Entirely, completely wrong. No amount of baby Ben Solo saying "Unca Wanwo" could save this. Apr 30, Cameron H rated it did not like it. Since Disney bought Lucasfilm, there has been an onslaught of "new" canon media. And, to be honest, it's all been really hit or miss.

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Unfortunately, Last Shot is mostly miss. Don't get me wrong, the writing isn't terrible or anything, but it isn't terribly interesting either. The problem is, like most prequel-type stories, the stakes aren't really all that compelling. For example, I can tell you that Han Solo makes it out of this book relatively unscathed. The reason I feel confident writing that Since Disney bought Lucasfilm, there has been an onslaught of "new" canon media.

The reason I feel confident writing that in this review without hiding it behind Spoilers tags is because, well, of course he does! If you've seen The Force Awakens you already know that. Is she going to make it out of this situation alive? Don't get me wrong, I haven't read all that much of the Legends stuff, but since it didn't have to fit in with anything in particular, it was pretty much free to do whatever it wanted. There were real consequences. People could be irrevocably changed.