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Without any special diving gear, they dive undersea as deep as m, collect abalone, shell, ceylon moss, seal seed and such. They learn their skills from their mother and start training in the age of eight and begin their profession in the age of fifteen. To become skillful Haenyeo they must learn how to hold their breath, withstand the water pressure, cold temperature of water. Also they need to develop brave instinct for they ofter encounter a big fish that can be threatening.

They are the experts of sea life under water geography. Both organizations defend education for all regardless of race, gender, beliefs and cultures. They advocate for the protection and diversity of cultures, and for dialogue as a source of tolerance and mutual respect. The workshop is made possible thanks to the generous contribution from the Government of Norway to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund.

The workshop introduces the concepts, objectives and methods of inventorying and includes practical field work in the community of Boa Morte. As part of the capacity-building project to reinforce the safeguarding of living heritage in the Portuguese speaking countries in Africa PALOP , the workshop gathers some 25 Santomean particpants including stakeholders from local to national levels.

With the aim to strengthen regional cooperation among PALOP countries the training is co-facilitated by a Brazilian and a Mozambican expert who has been previously trained through the same programme. Moreover, a culture officer from Cabo Verde attends the workshop in view of similar activities planned in the Archipelago off the coast of Western Africa.

The Gala Concert to be held on March 24, will feature the participation of prestigious institutions of singing and symphonic music, as the Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Lima, the National Choir, the National Children's Choir as well as renowned tenors internationally recognized. The composition is a tribute to the courage of a girl who fights for education and to open new paths towards a more equal society. Radio is the most easily accessible and commonly used form of media that we have. It is an inexpensive medium that requires relatively simple technology and its reach extends from policy makers to remote communities and marginalized groups.

Currently, too few programs focus on the concerns of younger generations. This lack of youth participation is made worse by the fact that a career in radio journalism is often difficult and underpaid, regularly requiring aspiring journalists to work for free. In addition to this, young professionals, including journalist and fixers, are particularly at risk in conflict areas because of their lack of preparation, training and support. FROM 10 A. Based on a true story. It is estimated that over 1 million people, including over 30, folklore dance and music groups and folk arts organizations, are associated with CIOFF through their National Sections worldwide.

All CIOFF Festivals have visiting folklore groups from around the world as their guests, and, all together, they are presenting and sharing their cultures. Building on the outcomes of the First Forum Bangkok, December which sought to clarify the conceptual issues around GCE, the Second Forum will focus on future policy directions at the global level, country implementation and expanding partnerships in light of the post ED agenda. Today, in a period of significant social changes and increasing globalization, we must focus on our renewable resources such as education, cultural diversity and scientific research.

At the same time, the achievement of sustainable development is the most essential condition equitable sustainable future building.

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The youth, being the main driving force of modern society development, should have an access to quality education throughout their life. It creates best conditions for dialogue, social unity, economical growth and creativity. With prominent 70th Anniversary Logo on the backdrop of a double unit book stall has been set up at Ekushey Granthamela Book Fair at Bangla Academy as part of the celebration programmes.

Mentionable, Ekushey Book Fair at Bangla academy is one of the greatest book fairs in the world which enjoys the gathering of hundreds of writers, publishers and book-lovers.

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In this month-long February book fair literally millions of people from all over the country and also from abroad come to visit and purchase books. This year, the book fair has been expanded to accommodate more stalls on the occasion of four day International Literary Conference at the same venue where scholars from Germany, France, Belgium and India have come to attend. UNESCO publications, posters, leaflets, photos, relevant certificates etc are exhibited in the stall.

By this time, Honourable Minister for Education, Mr. The thesis, on a Latin America and the Caribbean subject, has to have made a significant research contribution to the promotion of social science research geared to social development policies in the region. She visited the Casas Reales Museums, the Diego Colon Palace, and assisted in a cultural event organised by institutions associated to the ministry of culture.

One of these was the Banda Nacional de Ecuelas Libres. The UNESCO Constitution opens with the following words: Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed. This is the power to broker new ideas, to mobilise collective action for essential global goods. This is the message that she will continue to deliver as part of her official visits and other events throughout the year. According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, by the time the First World War ended in November , more than a million Indian personnel had been sent overseas and over 60, troops had sacrificed their lives.

As far as the western front is concerned, , soldiers from India were sent to Europe during the First World War. Most of these soldiers were deployed at Ypres Belgium and at nearby Neue Chapelle in France during the period A very large number lost their lives in the campaign to halt the German advance and in the counter-attacks that followed the first chemical weapons attacks in early In , when the conference to establish the United Nations was held at San Francisco, India again participated and signed the Charter becoming a founding member of the United Nations.

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The website will be operational after Please take note of this www. Invitations were sent to Cabinet, Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Congress representatives, diplomatic corps, United Nations System, National Academy of Sciences, artistic community, sport community, environmental authorities and NGO, academy and civil society, including Municipality of Desamparados. The ceremony will include two cultural acts Orchestra and choral poetry.

WATCH: Rate of urbanisation in SA cities not sustainable - report

We will screen the movie Invictus about Nelson Mandela's early days as president of South Africa and his efforts to use rugby as a means to create a culture of peace, tolerance, and national unity. Before and after the movie there will be several speeches on UNESCO's efforts in different areas to contribute to peace, tolerance and dialogue amongst civilizations.

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The South African ambassador will also speak about Nelson Mandela's legacy. The audience will consist of the international diplomatic corps in Tehran, representatives of UN agencies, civil society, and government officials. As an exercise in peace education the UNESCO Club Vienna initiated a series of workshops with children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds in Vienna to explore in a creative way what peace is. The children created a mural together on canvas incorporating symbols and words for peace. While creating the artwork issues relating to unity and diversity, inclusiveness, inter-connectivity and tolerance were discussed.

The hand can caress, it can mould clay, bake bread and it can hold a gun. Issues of personal responsibility and choice were explored. The participants had the opportunity to contemplate and share the many different words for peace in their own and other languages thereby provoking an understanding of our common humanity. They also were invited to make a handprint and create a symbol as a personal commitment to peace.

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Finally, at the end of process they were invited to formulate and contribute a personal message. In merging the personal into the collective the Workshops contributed to reinforce bonds of respectful interaction among the participants. This approach has proven to be especially effective in working with persons of diverse cultural backgrounds and language skills.

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  6. The Apartheid City And Beyond: Urbanization And Social Change In South Africa.

The outcome of the first 2 Workshops will be exhibited at the Peace Museum Vienna to commemorate International Day for Tolerance - a cornerstone of peace. This series of events, organized the UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office, will include an Official opening ceremony, a seminar on education for peace and sustainable development, a training workshop on science journalism, an open doors at un iversities and science education centers, and a rountable discussion on women, science and the environment.

Day II will be a one-day seminar on science education for peace and sustainable development. Day 3 will be a day of open doors for students from selected districts to visit 10 universities and science education centers. On November, we will organize a science journalism workshop.

Apartheid City and Beyond: Urbanization and Social Change in South Africa

On 13 November there will also be a roundtable discussion on women, science and environment. On 14 November will be the closing ceremony. Throughout the week, there will also be a science exhibition with more than 20 booths from different organisations that UNESCO works with in Iran, which will be open to the general public. Through all of these activities, we will highlight different aspects of UNESCO's work and mandate in cooperation with our key partners in the country.

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On the occasion of the launch of the celebrations to mark its 70th anniversary, UNESCO pays tribute to the ideals of Nelson Mandela, especially to his dedication to reconciliation among communities, to his unerring commitment to democracy and to his struggle against all form of discrimination, which remain a source of inspiration in a world faced with challenges yet in constant evolution. With the support of Mrs. A selection of 18 photographs realized by winners and finalists for the Alfred Fried Photography Award.

An exhibition supported by the Austrian Parliament and Lammerhuber Edition. Join our celebration — help UNESCO mark 70 years of progress in education, science, culture and communication with your own event or activity. If your organization plans to organize an event and wishes to be authorized to use the UNESCO 70th anniversary logo, as illustrated below, for the event, please fill in the Request Form and send it to logo unesco. The logo, including the entire text on the right side, must be used without modifications.

Under no circumstances can the logo be used on merchandise or for commercial purposes. The authorization for the use of the logo terminates with the end of the event. Tell us about your event Download our logo.

We bring you a collection of articles, each highlighting a specific area of work in UNESCO's mandate and field of action, spread throughout the Organization's year history. The growth of global challenges such as inequality, exclusion, violence and sectarianism has resulted in a foreseeable social intolerance that drives humanity apart.

The role of UNESCO to accomplish every day its fundamental humanist mission to support people in understanding each other and working together to build lasting peace has become a centre point in making a safer world for diversity and future generations. Through learning and understanding, individuals become more interculturally competent to comprehend the richness that lays within a diverse world, resulting in tools for the ongoing construction of lasting peace, when consequently they become prepared to appreciate, rather than reject, diversity as well as to manage conflicts in accordance with the values of pluralism and mutual understanding.

With this objective in mind, UNESCO has constantly developed programmes that have the objective to teach about diversity and the comprehension of the unfamiliar, or that would enable societies to work together and promote a healthy exercise of cooperation. They were awarded in for their contribution to international peace and as a tribute to what they have done to educate their people towards an understanding and an overcoming of prejudice that many would not have thought possible even a few years earlier.

Many of past laureates have gone on to win the prestigious Nobel Prize. As a sign of unity and to counteract the destruction of cultural heritage and the persecution of minorities, UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova, launched the Unite4Heritage campaign in March , which aspires to use the power of social media to create a global movement with young people for them to raise their voice and take action for the safeguarding of heritage under threat, that must be protected as a force for mutual understanding.

Education is vital to achieving acceptance and respect for all people regardless of colour, gender, or national, ethnic or religious identity, being especially important to reach out to children and young people during their formative years through their formal education. In September , the culture of peace has returned to its source in the heart of Africa.