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Charles, Thank you for speaking into the universe what many of us have been collectively thinking and feeling for sometime, but were not able to verbalize it. I saw your interview with Oprah on a rerun of Super Soul Sunday this morning, your words had that essence of truth that my soul recognized.

Your conversation with Oprah on our desire for connection to each other and nature reminds me of the African principle or philosophy of Ubuntu which is recognizing our connectedness and humanity to all including nature. Thank you also for your comprehensive website and resources. Just a brief note to thank you. Your message amazed me. I knew intuitively I was hearing the truth as you spoke. I hope everyone on planet earth will embrace your words. So please let me share with you all today, a thread that I have kept alive since in the annals of this timeline… a memory, a message, to be shared, and remembered!

Please take the time, to see all of the video clips and listen and here to all of the messages that ring to you now!

Spirit on the Move: Personal Essays on Yoga in Daily Life by Linda Johnsen

Is So Beautiful To Me! You summed up the very thoughts that I have been trying to articulate this past year and touched my soul and obviously so many others in a deep way. They serve their family and communities on purpose.

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Thank you for speaking to the hearts of millions and indirectly giving a quiet nod to the mothers of the world. Thankyou for your beautiful words x. I recently took a leap of faith to leave the corporate world, launch my own marketing firm and start a blog focused on trauma. I had a similar experience as you did. I launched my marketing firm with my best friend and my traumallama. While prospective clients trickled into our marketing firm, my following on traumallama.

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The intention of the blog was only to give people a place where they felt like they belonged and to share their stories. It was never meant to be a source of income or fame. Within two weeks of launching the blog and the Trauma Llama Facebook page, I had over followers on Facebook alone. I noticed something else was happening, something you alluded to in your interview with Oprah. I found myself spending more time and having more joy working on traumallama. However, I still need to pay the bills and take care of my family.

This coming week I am going to refocus my motivation for launching the marketing firm away from trying to be successful, and selling my expertise, to focusing on how can I help my clients and learn from them. I want to feel the same awe and joy that I feel with traumallama. I believe that once I make this conscious shift the Universe will provide all that I need. Hi Charles, I really appreciate and grateful to find someone like you, because we always do something to a person with thinking what I am going to get a return.

Through your books and net hope everyone can live their life more beautiful. I just saw you and heard of you for the first time on Super Soul Sunday. I have to say that it was a huge moment for me when I heard of all that you spoke about. For the first time in my life, I felt like finally there was another person who had perspectives similar to mine.

I have always felt like something was wrong with me because I hoped for a better world and tried to really see people and empathize with them. When you spoke about being connected, I totally could relate. I feel energies of people all around me, positive or negative. I really feel deep for things, people, the environment, nature. Sometimes it could be very exhausting because most of the time, especially from the news and reading stuff on the internet, it brings me way down. No one personally did anything to me but, I sat in my car and just felt overwhelmed. I used to view feeling deeper than the common person as a gift because I got the most out of experiences and relationships but, lately, I just felt of it as more of a burden.

I do care about not just what is going on in my little bubble but, all that is going on.

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Anyway, I wanted to thank you for taking the courage to speak from your heart and show us your humility. I look forward to hearing and reading more. Reading obituaries and college alum magazines often makes me feel as if I have not been very successful, in spite of some 53 years of teaching interspersed with years off raising children.

I thought I should have accomplished something more, something monumental by Your thoughtful writing and your words on Suoer Soul help me have a different perspective.

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  7. I was thrilled to see you on Oprah and I know your words, and the work of all those who have commented here are part of the new Beautiful World being created, one person at a time beginning with each one of us. Hey Charles Eisenstein, are you coming back to Gaia. I see something from you published in around the economy, would love to see you come back and discuss some of these more recent concepts you have learned. Yes I also have deep thanks!! Charles I am so thankful for you and your writing and have been drawn back to it again and again since I first discovered you, it, some months ago.

    You have said exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for continuing and giving what you do. We are all being changed together, in just the ways we need. Thank you Charles for appearing on Super Soul Sunday and introducing yourself to me. And I watched as we all came together, as one humanity, healing the broken and holding each other together as love worked to heal us.

    Spirituality, Change & Patience

    Our bond gets stronger through every evil. Every break brings us closer. Why all this violence and hatred? When I read your work I feel as though all of the suspicions in my heart about the capacity for people to love one another and to overcome this crazy sense of separateness and dualistic thinking are on track. You describe a middle way through this mayhem with honesty and truth.

    Your words describe a simple albeit winding path through that jungle. It inspires me to keep writing my own simple words in case it touches someone else that same way and to keep speaking up for what I feel is true.

    Nice to find a kindred soul — thank you for your writing Charles. Looking forward to reading much more of your work. Kindly, Holly. Every word written in this essay is true. What resonated most with me is the evolution consisting of a series of necessary hurdles that we have to go through in order to grow. How else are we to gain strength and wisdom if there are no dragons to slay?

    I just finished writing a book on the miracles that happened in my life since I was 19 when I started paying attention and recognizing signs. It too could not have been written without divine aid. I too had to rise above any expectation of recognition for my message, monetary or otherwise. I was basically told that only a wing and a prayer would get me published without social media presence.

    Growing up, I saw my mother constantly visiting shut-ins and people in the hospital, and thought she was nuts. My evolutionary path has made me understand and appreciate where she was coming from. Knowing that you have truly helped someone, despite the inconvenience, is truly a reward unto itself — a most heavenly feeling I say the prayer on pg 28 of A Course In Miracles every day. Working in Pennsylvania, I provided no support for her. Yet, when it was her turn, she got her karma.

    Spiritual Yoga Path with Mantra and Meditation

    I had come to a place where I could leave my husband and job, go cross-country and take care of her while she was bed-bound for 10 months until the moment she died. It was the most exhilarating moment of my life — it was when I was told what happens when you die. Thank you for validating it…. Charles — Love your writing. So much clarity and generosity in there. The many comments above say it all. Now I feel there is an adequate reward in the intention and service alone. Recently I came across the lyrics to a Bob Dylan song which also resonates with me. I share them here for the benefit of others.

    Lovely article. I am trying to figure out how I can best serve this world and thought about many of the same things the same way. My heart warmed and my passion towards serving the world now burns stronger.

    Awaken Your Creativity Chakra: Svadhisthana

    With love and gratitude, Nate. I just watched your segment with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday. I really enjoyed listening to everything you had to say and look forward to reading some of your essays. Keep up the good work. Hi Charles, I loved a series of words you putten together to create a magnificent essay. I am sharing this in my community, hope to read more of your posts in upcoming days. Grateful for most of the tips referenced in this article! Thanks for another wonderful post.