PDF Rainmaking Conversations: Influence, Persuade, and Sell in Any Situation

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One of the few times I felt I wasted my money on an audible book. Rainmaking good; salesmanship bad. Marketing good; prospecting bad. The publisher likely decided that a book promising to teach rainmaking will probably sell more copies than another "consultive sales book". This book spent too much time discussing the sales conversation during the appointment.

Other audio books cover the same material more systematically and throughly e.

Sandler or Maister. Disappointing that the author periodically pitched his firm's sales training program throughout the book. Good that the audiobook covered value orientated elevator speech construction but this topic was better covered by author Mark LeBlanc. Prospecting by phone cold-calling was covered well and this topic made the audiobook worth purchasing.

Unfortunately not enough emphasis was placed on the subject of effective prospecting during face-to-face social encounters or via social media. This book has a lot of great lists and tips on selling professional services, including some very useful examples. From that standpoint, it is a decent sales training book, although not the best I have read. I think the book also suffers from what could be seen as internal contradictions regarding sales techniques, but which could also be seen as trying to find a happy medium.

The problem is that the listener is sometimes left with less than clear direction. Nevertheless, overall, the content is not bad. Nothing great or new here, but not bad.

Rainmaking Conversations: Influence, Persuade, and Sell in any Situation

As an audiobook, the book suffers from the style in which it is written lots of lists and the narration. Although the narrator is smooth, his lack of vocal inflection and variety just makes the book drone on and on. I listen to books most often when working out, and it was really difficult at times to maintain concentration because of the narration. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not? There are a couple of nuggets in here but the rest is full of page after page of definitions and classifications of strategies and theories that have no application to real life. Most sales people need to be more structured in their approach, but if you followed this book, you'd be drowning in it.

Would you consider the audio edition of Rainmaking Conversations to be better than the print version? At first, the audiobook was booooring.

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Then I set it at three times the normal speed and was able to enjoy it. The author talks too slowly. It has very useful ideas on how to sell. What other book might you compare Rainmaking Conversations to and why? How to help customers succeed, because of its approach to selling.

SPIN Selling, on how to ask questions. Too slow, nice tone, clear.

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Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Any additional comments? I used the Android app to play it a three times normal speed.

Rainmaking Conversations by Mike Schultz (ebook)

It is understandable and you can finish it in a couple of hours. Rain, it brings nourishment to the fields and the farmer.

Rainmakers, they bring nourishment to their companies and themselves. I learned many secrets from John Doerr - one of the business leaders behind the success of Intel, Google, Learn and apply!! Thank you!!! Not just a what to do book but also a how to. I highly recommend this book as a person who has spent his adult life in both the US Army and Sales it was wonderfuly structured and full of great knowledge.

It's ok, but not more than that. There are better options for sales books. For instance, Chet Holmes' books on this subject. The book description holds much promise but, for me, didn't deliver.

How to Communicate with Influence

It took about half a hour just to introduce what was coming later! I couldn't listen beyond about 2 hours. I found the narrator very monotone, which didn't help. However, the paper book format of this particular book doesn't translate well into audio. The narrator goes through lots of lists and goes back and forth through numbered principles. It just didn't flow. I also found the content at least the first two hours very basic, in my view. Sadly, a disappointment. In recent years, buyers have increasingly seen products and services as replaceable. You might think this would mean that the sale goes to the lowest bidder.

Not true! A new breed of seller—the insight seller—is winning the sale with strong prices and margins even in the face of increasing competition and commoditization. In Insight Selling, Schultz and Doerr share the surprising results of their research on what sales winners do differently, and outline exactly what you need to do to transform yourself and your team into insight sellers. They introduce a simple three-level model based on what buyers say tip the scales in favor of the winners:.

Level 1 "Connect. Level 2 "Convince.

Level 3 "Collaborate. They also found that much of the popular and current advice given to sellers can damage sales results. Insight Selling is both a strategic and tactical guide that will separate the good advice from the bad, and teach you how to put the three levels of selling to work to inspire buyers, influence their agendas, and maximize value. If you want to find yourself and your team in the winner's circle more often, this book is a must-read.

Professional Services Marketing is a fully field-tested and research-based approach to marketing and client development for professional services firms. The book, now in its Second Edition, covers five key areas that are critical for firms that want to grow and become more profitable: creating a marketing and growth strategy; establishing a brand and reputation; implementing a marketing communications program; executing lead generation strategies; and developing business by winning new clients. You will also read real-world case studies that illustrate major points, as well as quotes and stories from well-respected professionals in the industry.

Firms of any size can use this proven approach to marketing and client development to attract new clients and grow their professional service businesses. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Doerr February 25, Switch to the audiobook.

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Conversations make or break everything in sales. Every conversation you have is an opportunity to find new prospects, win new customers, and increase sales. Rainmaking Conversations provides a proven system for leading masterful conversations that fill the pipeline, secure new deals, and maximize the potential of your account. With the RAIN system, you'll be able to: Build rapport and trust from the first contact Create conversations with prospects, referral sources, and clients using the telephone, email, and mail Uncover the real need behind client challenges Make the case for improved business impact and return on investment ROI for your prospects Understand and communicate your value proposition Apply the 16 principles of influence in sales Overcome and prevent all types of objections, including money Craft profitable solutions and close the deal The world-class RAIN SellingSM methodology has helped tens of thousands of people lead powerful sales conversations and achieve breakthrough sales performance.

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