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There is currently no adequate theory or process for media selection. The SECTIONS model however provides a set of criteria or questions the result of which can help inform an instructor when making decisions about which media or technologies to use. Because of the wide range of factors influencing media selection and use, an inductive or intuitive approach to decision-making, but informed by a careful analysis of all the criteria in the SECTIONS framework, is one practical way to approach decision-making about media and technologies for teaching and learning.

This workshop provides students with a clear introduction to key concepts of Film studies emphasizing the Visual Dimension of Filmmaking. Participants are presented with critical tools, which they immediately apply through the analysis of selected clips from visually compelling film. This workshop provides challenging and fun activities to accompany a Romeo and Juliet film screening, and encourages dynamic discussion among participants. This workshop provides students with a clear introduction to key concepts of Film studies. A special emphasis is placed on the Visual construction of Canadian Identity through Film, and Media.

Participants deconstruct this theme through a screening, and investigating how prominent Canadian Indigenous Filmmakers shape our films and media.

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Since the advent of film, screenwriters, directors and artists have used the medium to imagine the technology of the future. Prepare for exciting discussions and debates about film and our shared hopes and fears on screen.

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A special emphasis is placed on the Visual construction of Canadian Identity through the Female Gaze, and how prominent Canadian Female Filmmakers shape our films and media. Fun and exciting, our projects stimulate participants at any level of filmmaking experience. The filmmaking programs can take you from zero to hero through the development, filming and editing of short films. Respectful and experienced art facilitators can bring our mobile media lab to your community centre, school or library.

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Funding for schools is available through school district and local funds, including ArtStarts in Schools due in May and October each year. Funding for organizations or non-profits can be organized in collaboration with the Cinematheque.

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Watch past projects below! A series of documentaries exploring environmental sustainability, and social justice in the community made by students in the TREK outdoor education program at Prince of Wales Secondary School. Documentaries on social justice and contemporary topics created by Grade 10 students of Prince of Wales Mini Secondary School. Real-show parodies made in Mr.

Media Education in the Primary School

Walter's class by grade 7 students at Edith Cavell Elementary School. Our media literacy workshops combine games, discussions, and exercises that encourage participants to expand their visual, cultural, and critical literacy.

Social Media for Primary Schools - An Interview with Simon Lewis of Carlow Educate Together

The Cinematheque recognizes the increasing role of audio-visual communications in our daily lives, and encourages participants to connect big ideas about identity, culture and media, to their everyday experiences. We present exciting and contemporary clips and images for participants to analyze, in order to discuss many different forms of media: from film, television, and YouTube to news, websites, and advertising. But what messages are we being fed in our media diet, and how do they impact us?

By considering key explorations of our hyper consumer environment, this workshop engages participants to reflect upon the role media plays in influencing perceptions of ourselves, and the world around us.

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The National Institute for Assessment of Education monitors standards and provides quality control. Students who enroll in the academic track generally continue their education at the upper secondary level. These are non-academic programs with a strong emphasis on vocational, commercial and artistic training.

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Upper Secondary education consists of grades 10 — 12 and admission depends on institutional policies. Many upper secondary schools are affiliated with large public universities, while others are SEP or state-controlled colegios, private schools, preparatory schools or private schools. The Academic track provides students with a general academic curriculum for the first two years of study, followed by more specialized study in the final year.

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Foreign Language is compulsory and students are awarded the Bachillerato certificate and certifocado de estudios transcript upon completion. In the professional track, Professional Technical Institutions provide technical preparation that prepares students to work immediately following completion.