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Now, you're lucky if she gives you a one-word answer. And that hurts, we get it.

'My great-grandfather threw a knife at the kitchen wall, babies were washed in the sink'

Campbell tells us. This is not something they do to hurt us. This sends the message that you respect them and believe they have something to say.

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Instead, try this novel approach from Dr. Tell your kid that you have seven words you want to ask them about. So lame. And Dr.

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Child watch: The apps that let parents 'spy' on their kids

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A valid email address is required. Sign Up. Dads try to stay close by boosting independence— giving driving lessons , offering job advice—or with good-natured goofing around that takes the edge off teenage angst. Moms, on the other hand, tend to cope with the growing distance by spending more time with their kids and keeping up-to-date on every aspect of their lives. But with so many more working mothers and hands-on fathers, the gender gap is shrinking, according to researchers at Boston College.

What's more, kids have already adapted and are now equally good at getting the hugs they need from both parents. The behavior also stems from the awkwardness of puberty. I remember my son once asking me to sit five rows behind him in the movie theater and sulking while I watched Johnny Depp.

But They'll Be Mad at Me: Why Kids Need Rules and Consequences

So we get too adamant about that goodbye kiss, setting up power struggles. Or we withdraw, rejecting kids in ways that can hurt and confuse them. Finding a middle ground gets harder and harder. Phones can make it even more difficult to bond with a teenager. These four tips might help.

Let Me Tell You a Story, Jack!

But it's important to keep in touch, and not just physically. Parents need to ask kids about their friends, listen when they wail about school, and make lasagna or shoot hoops when they're down in the dumps—all those gestures that psychologists lump under a big umbrella called parental warmth. Without that daily shelter, teens have a much tougher time learning social skills and building self-esteem. Moms and dads also need to show love to a teenager to avoid getting overly focused on all the daily hassles and skirmishes, whether it's insisting they can't wear cutoffs to school or don't have dibs on the car soundtrack.

Speaking of which, these 10 feel-good playlists will be winners for kids and adults alike.

Lil Peep - Teen Romance (Prod. Lederrick)

Following, some expert advice on smart ways to show affection to your oh-so-aloof kids. And not to worry—before you know it, your year-old will navigate his way to independence and make a beeline back to you. When your kid starts insisting you keep your distance—in my house, that involves eye rolling, mock gagging or the ultra-offensive "eww, get away from me!

You can show your love to a teenager while still giving them space. Remember, showing up matters most. When raising teens, "being actively engaged in their daily lives trumps everything," says Cauffman. That means rooting from the bleachers at basketball games, eating dinner together most nights, and really listening—on their terms, not yours—without judgment.