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The habit — indeed the requirement — in those firms is to use language that gives clients the impression that they can greatly improve their investment results. In most cases, the math in those books and journals is not good math. While real math is painfully precise, Ph.

The result, predictably, attracted media attention , but it was absurd. Instead, they took random samples of individual stocks, combining them into portfolios in which the stocks were — arbitrarily — weighted equally. All together, their portfolios represented only a minuscule fraction of the whole market, one far more volatile than the market itself. Therefore, in some time periods they will far underperform the market, and in others they will far outperform it. This is typical of failures in academic finance.

No one in the field seems to notice, because they are mesmerized by the superficial complexity of the math — and well-paid by others who are.

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Economist and mathematician Michael Edesess is chief investment strategist of Compendium Finance, adviser to mobile financial planning software company Plynty , and a research associate of the Edhec-Risk Institute. E-mail him at michael. Follow him on Twitter at MichaelEdesess. Economist and mathematician Michael Edesess is chief investment strategist with the mobile financial-planning software company Plynty and a research associate at the EDHEC-Risk Institute. Email him at michael. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator. Retirement Planner. Sign Up Log In.

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Hide Ads About Ads. Investing Introduction Investing Investing is where you use money to hopefully make more money.

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You can run a business. You can put the money in the bank to earn interest. You can buy something valuable, such as an antique or a rare coin, and sell it later. You can buy a share in a company such as on the stock exchange : They can pay dividends regular payments to you based on their profit. AND you can sell the stock later, maybe for a higher price. You can But how do you tell which are good and bad investments? The company you put your money in might go bankrupt The people you loaned money to just disappear When you try to sell that rare coin no one wants to buy it, except at a very low price And that wonderful business might suddenly face big competition and lose money Often the investments that promise the biggest profits are also the ones with the biggest risk.

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As Reward goes up, Risk usually increases too. Example: Banks pay low interest, but they are also low risk. Example: you run a Bakery, and want to improve its income. But hang on Move is more risky: will you really get more customers?

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What about the customers you lose? What if someone opens a bakery at your old location, they will take business away from you. Renovate is much less risky, you know it will save money for your present operation.

If the Move goes bad you could lose your whole business. So choose carefully!

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