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Themes include, but are ont limited to sexual undertones as well as severe torture. A very good read if you do not mind these themes. Danielle T. Stacy P. I love this series!! This book is about Richards vision of how the future will play out and his decision not to fight The Order.

Everyone is upset and confused at his decision but he stays the course. Richard and Kahlan are separated and Richard is taken to a town which is run by The Order.

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Its a dirty terrible town where no one is allowed to get ahead and everything is rationed out. I dont want to spoil it, but this has been my fav so far in this series and Ive already read the next few.

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I love the characters and I love this series! Ada W. Full of rape, torture, murder, blood and guts literally. NOT good books, but very engaging. I was unable to put them down, and have lost a lot of sleep during the two months it took me to read the entire series. I cringed, I cried, I gasped, I had nightmares. I can't imagine what kind of twisted mind thinks up this kind of stuff. I had to force myself to at least give them a chance, but was so pissed off within the first few minutes of the very first episode.

Hundreds are killed, and hundreds more are hung and tortured.

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Richard is eventually turned in by Gadi as a collaborator. Nicci spends a fortune in gold she finds Richard has hidden to set him free, finding he has been severely beaten.

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Richard, as punishment for his "civil infraction," is commanded to erect a disgusting sculpture glorifying human suffering for the center of the New Palace. Secretly, Richard works tirelessly to create his own statue of a noble man and woman out of a block of flawed marble he purchases from a local quarryman.

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It is of such beauty that a huge procession is led through the city to view it. Brother Narev, when he finally arrives to see the statue, orders Richard to destroy it. Richard takes up the hammer and points to the crowd, telling them that the Order only wishes to destroy beauty, only wishes to enslave humanity under the doctrine of faith unsupported by the true value of life. He swings the hammer and shatters the statue in one blast. The people are outraged, and immediately revolt, proclaiming that the Order will not enslave them any longer.

They attack the Imperial Order, and Altur'Rang falls to the hands of the rebels. Richard finds a group of his friends overseeing the execution of the Order governing council.

Faith of the Fallen (Sword of Truth, Book 6)

After fighting many battles against the Imperial Order, overseeing the wedding of Verna to the Wizard Warren, the subsequent death of Warren at the hands of Gadi, Kahlan and Cara leave to find Richard, learning from Gadi's interrogation that he is in Altur'Rang. They enter Altur'Rang in time to see the statues destruction. As the rebellion begins, Richard enters the palace to find Brother Narev. While working his way through the dark corridors, he encounters Kahlan, the Sword of Truth over her shoulder.

He attacks her and engineers the fight so that Kahlan runs him through. This forces Nicci to choose - to sever the maternity spell and save him or let him die and continue serving the Order. Nicci, wholeheartedly converted to Richard's cause after seeing his sculpture, removes the maternity bond to Kahlan and heals Richard. Altur'Rang is free, for a time, from the grasp of the Order, and the people have found a determination not to serve the system as slaves.

The epilogue ends with Kahlan shyly staring at a massive statue of Spirit, a model Richard had carved with her face, being erected in the center of the newly free Altur'Rang. It is explained in the novel as follows: "The Sixth Rule is the hub upon which all rules turn.

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