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Ambient air quality monitoring, Gaseous emission monitoring, Noise level monitoring and Light Intensity measurement services to our customer. GEL conduct monitoring by utilizing institutionalized and calibrated instruments. Noise contamination is a worldwide issue causing harm to numerous people.

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GEL is providing services to screen out Noise Level with institutionalized gear. The majority of the industries have generators and different types of machines generating Noise pollution, GEL enables you in estimating Noise Level so ventures meets with defined standards. GEL offer service for assessment at any location grant by the customer at any type of industries, constructional area, manufacturing area, production site etc. Adequate Light Intensity is essential at the working environment for better work yield.

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LUX is a standard unit for Light Intensity estimation. As per standards, different limits of Light Intensity are required at different locations. In this regard GEL provides facility of Light Intensity measurement through institutionalized device at working territory, manufacturing area, inspection regions, research facility, stores or any other area grant or requested by the client.

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Ambient Air is atmospheric air in its natural state, is not debased via air-borne pollution. Surrounding air is crucial for the survival of human as well as all other creatures. Therefore, the Ambient Air Quality is specifically influenced by the activities of industries and peoples in surrounding in terms of pollution.

Government has defined few guidelines that industries need to meet.

The Basics of Environmental Monitoring / BioForum

It is also crucial in many work environments that are affected by weather, e. Wireless radio technology is one key aspect in Environmental Monitoring.


With it come safety, operability and control. They provide real-time information of environmental conditions without additional costs and with a minimum supervision.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of radio technology, please contact us or our local distributor. Environmental Monitoring is all about getting crucial information and protecting the environment, people and operations. Wireless radio technology is one key aspect in this. Read more.