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Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction The many public debates launched by governments on education, such as Tony Blair's emphasis on "education, education, education" have nonetheless failed to consider the place of the good society in educational endeavour.

The traditional account of education is that it not only teaches pupils the skills to earn a living, but also teaches a concern for the welfare of others, a love of the many cultures of learning and a commitment to the best values of society.

What can mathematics contribute to a good society?

Below are some of the best reasons why education is an essential thing to any society:. Once you have earned your college degree, you are expected to start your journey to the real life — get a job, pay taxes, and so on. Your parents and the people around you may have already been picturing you sitting behind an executive desk on an ergonomic chair from Office Chairs Only , made of only the best materials as it really matters what you choose when it comes to comfort.

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Because of several years of schooling, you should be able to make sound decisions on various stuff, such as if you should get a car or a house, which expenses to prioritize, how to pay off your school loans, and more. Moreover, you should be able to help the community by participating in projects to improve your neighborhood, such as organizing programs to aid the less fortunate citizens , encourage the children and teens to study, and other social activities.

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Education In Society: Crash Course Sociology #40

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The Importance Of Education In Our Society

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