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Image: courtesy of David Shaw again.

Does anything eat wasps?

And it's not just geckos that like to eat wasp nests. Badgers do also and will dig one out, then eat both the larvae and their food base.

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This photograph by Tony Jeans from Cheltenham, UK, shows an underground nest that was demolished in the summer of Richard Garner took this photograph in Croatia in July and sent it in to The Last Word , in the hope that a reader would tell him which insect was eating which. Although there is wide consensus on the identity of the predator - thought to be a robber fly Asilidae - there is some dispute over whether the victim is a wasp or a wasp-mimicking fly. As reader Peter Scott, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, UK, told The Last Word : "Robber flies can grow to more than 2 centimetres long and are quite fearsome in appearance, with orange tufts of hair around the face that are thought to protect them from their prey.

In this picture, the victim is in the process of being paralysed. The wasp was entangled in the web for several minutes before the spider came in for the kill.

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It shows a mason wasp having its internal juices removed via the proboscis of a large insect. Can anyone help us identify the predator? If you have a photograph of a wasp being eaten by something, then please email us , and we'll try to add it to this gallery!

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Last Word gallery: How to create ice spikes in your fridge. And to prove that you don't have to travel as far afield as Australia to see stinging insects like wasps or, as in this case, bees suffering an inferior position in the food chain, Mark Read from Hampshire, UK sent in this photograph.

Does anyone know what species of spider this is? Please tell The Last Word if you do. New Scientist's 'Last Word' celebrates all questions - the trivial, the idiosyncratic, the baffling and the strange. This selection of the best is popular science at its most entertaining and enlightening. Indeholder "Introduction", "1.

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