Manual Christianity in Latin America: A History

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Namespaces Article Talk. However, if we focus on Latin America, we can observe an additional sociological feature, which helps extend our understanding about Pentecostalism from what they believe, to its cultural origins themselves in Latin America. This feature is the integration of some Pentecostal movements with Indigenous traditions.

In my view, to help to overcome one of the significant Christian concerns about applying evolutionary concepts to the world of social relations: social Darwinism. In this sense, this will is taken as a way to avoid the total extinction of their original Indigenous spiritual beliefs, driven in some extent by globalization.

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So here we can observe that the survival process is relational, creative and virtuous, because it gives believers a new meaning of life by mixing things such as religious symbols, liturgical aspects, and spiritual beliefs. From a traditional Christian view, Indigenous Pentecostalism may seem to be a too doubtful way to experience the Christian faith, but here the important point is: if we are advocates of evolution as the way in which God continuously creates and sustains our world, Indigenous Pentecostalism provides a clear example of how this divine process is also present in culture.

After all, most Christians would agree that the complex world of human relations is also an essential part of the great creation of God. How can we see the evolution and faith debate in Latin America?

Missionaries in Latin America: Selected full-text books and articles

From my view, in terms of a cultural contextualization. We need to recognized that along the history—and present—of Latin America, different practices, ideologically inspired by science, has favored the loss of cultural identity. So if we want to generate a truly relevant agenda for Christians in this region, we must to expand traditional theoretical discussions which take place in the English-speaking world through the cultural identity of Latin America. This is the case of my own region, but perhaps another contexts such as Africa or Asia, could also benefit from this approach.

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Religion and Science, Chapter 8; Religion and Science. Science and Religion in Latin America. Developments and Prospects. So from this view, science devalues another ways of knowing—such as Indigenous knowledge—, and therefore it challenges the social justice. In these two contrasting cases, we can see as many Christians in Latin America are skeptics about any dialogue between science and faith. But we can also find ideological uses of science practiced by some progressive Protestants, such as invoking some results from biology to defend same-sex marriage, taking advantage of climate sciences and findings about global warming to support by default without thoughtful bridges left-wing politics, using discoveries of archeology to criticize the doctrine of biblical authority, among others.

Which at the beginning of their history, they were established basically as a reaction to Catholicism, which for long time it had the educational monopoly in Latin American countries. Pentecostalismo y Cultura Aborigen. Manage Cookie Preferences. How should we interpret the Genesis flood account?


Christianity and Conflict in Latin America

How long are the days of Genesis 1? How should we interpret the Bible? What is Evolutionary Creation?

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Christianity in Latin America : A History

Likewise, Christianity has been changed, criticized, and renewed as it crossed the Atlantic. These changes now affect its practice and understanding, not only in South and Central America and the Caribbean, but also - through immigration and global communication - around the world.

Focusing on this mutually constitutive relationship, Christianity in Latin America presents the important encounters between people, ideas, and events of this large, heterogeneous subject. In doing so, it takes readers on a fascinating journey of explorers, missionaries, farmers, mystics, charlatans, evangelists, dictators, and martyrs.