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Refer to the specific census and withdrawal dates for the semester s in which this unit is offered. Advanced matrix algebra: mxn systems, linear independence, sparse matrices, introduction to second-order tensors.

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Further ordinary differential equations: systems of ODEs, variation of parameters; boundary-value problems. Fourier series: Euler formulae, convergence, half-range series, solution of ODEs, spectra.

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Problems have been identified at the end of sections to be solved specifically with Maple, and there are computer laboratory activities, which are more difficult problems designed for Maple. There is a solutions manual available for those who select the text for their course.

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This text can be used in two semesters of engineering mathematics. The many helpful features make the text relatively easy to use in the classroom. Merle C. Potter received his Ph.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

He has co-authored textbooks based on teaching Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, and related subjects. He has authored and coauthored 34 textbooks and exam review books.

Jack L. Lessing received his Ph.

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During his long tenure at the University of Michigan he published textbooks, devised new courses, served as thesis advisor for many Ph. A unique interactive approach which leads you through the mathematics in a highly accessible way Hundreds of worked examples and progressively more challenging exercises Comprehensive - everything a student needs for their course Answers in the back of the book Ideal either as part of a course or for self-study.

Dexter J. He is the author of several mathematics textbooks and is co-author of Foundation Mathematics and the sixth edition of Engineering Mathematics. Further Information Errata.

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